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LED downlights and spotlights Perth

As premium lighting importers from global manufacturers, Stylelite provides products that are high in quality and affordable. We understand the necessity to stay up to date with the latest lighting trends from around world, whether it is the style or the technology. Being in control of all imports, we at Stylite are able to source products according to client specifications. As a wholesaler, you can rest assured we understand your requirements and your unique clientele.

LED lighting is at the forefront of lighting technology. This type of lighting, whether small or large in size, converts energy into light in a more effective and efficient way than conventional halogen globes. Not only is the light brighter, but it uses 80% less energy, which will cut a home or business’s power bill drastically. LED lighting allows consumers to contribute to relieving the Earth’s resources, as it has become one of the pinnacles of sustainable living. Increase the green footprint of your business by stocking excellent quality, environmentally friendly lights.

  • Downlights & spotlights

LED downlights and spotlights add a beautiful effect to an interior or outdoor space. Match the fittings to the materials and finishes within close proximity in an effort to merge the pieces together. Choose between warm or cool toned lighting to downplay or show off different features. Whether it’s a spotlight on a water feature in a garden or a downlight on stunning artwork, LED lights are the perfect way to highlight various pieces in and around a home or building.

  • Ceiling lights

Whether it’s a stunning, intricate chandelier or a simple, sleek-shaped box, LED lights set the mood for different parts of a home or business. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that cool tones add more structure and livelihood to a space such as a corporate office, a kitchen or a boardroom, and warm tones create an intimate, whimsical ambiance, which is perfect for a dining room or bedroom. Ceiling LED lights are available in a dimmer option, which allows the user to adjust the brightness of the lighting as required.

  • Garden lights

For your backyard or front garden, LED lights can add class and style to an outdoor space by showcasing beautiful flowers, greenery, water features as well as the home or building. First impressions last, and a garden is often the first thing people notice. If a garden is well kept, whether it is beautifully modest or awe-inspiring, incorporating LED lighting will enhance the look of not only the garden but also the entire home or building.

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