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Outdoor LED garden lights

A garden is the gateway to a home, apartment block, and even a countryside resort. At night, a garden disappears in the dark and it has become increasingly popular to irradiate the beautiful flora and greenery. Stylite imports and supplies excellent quality, affordable outdoor lights to wholesalers across Western Australia. Garden lights can add a touch of splendour to the exterior area of any home or multiuse building; contact one of our stockists for more information about outdoor lighting options.

Outdoor lighting is not just used to highlight a garden. Illuminate pathways, driveways and highlight beautiful exterior features of a home or building for added drama.

  • Garden spot lights

    Gardens are a place of tranquillity and beauty. Whether you have a large garden or a small patch, lighting can go a long way. The best lights to use for lighting a garden are cool-tone LED lights. If you have a great collection of flowers and shrubs along with a water feature or just a few plants with simple pots, any garden needs light to amplify its beauty in the dark.
  • Garden path lights

    A pathway should be light not just to make an outdoor area attractive but also for safety reasons. Walking on a dark path, spells hazard, especially since outdoor pathways are usually uneven and rigid and not to mention animals or late-night creepy crawlers that you would rather not bump into. Light the path for a safe journey to and from a house or building.
  • Driveway lights

    Car lights are not enough to light a driveway. Add extra brightness by adding lights fixed to the ground or the side of a building structure. LED lighting is also a great way to show off the hard textures of the structure and driveway surrounding the garden. Bring the two elements together by incorporating the same style of lighting seamlessly throughout the exterior area.
  • Patio lights

    The ideal indoor / outdoor space perfect for relaxing or entertaining, a patio area needs to be adequately lit for night-time use. A patio can be furnished with a variety of accessories depending on the use it is intended for; whether it is a fully fitted dining area or just a relaxed space with a few couches and ottomans, warm lighting will bring out the space and allow it to be used throughout the night.

Light up your outdoor area with beautiful lights available from excellent international manufacturers. Stylelite specialises in importing the best possible lighting solutions to make a garden and surrounding structures look attractive throughout the night.

Contact Stylelite to place an order for your wholesaler and start selling premium manufactured lighting solutions.

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