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Ceiling lights and fittings make a huge difference to any home or business. Depending on the amount of natural light entering a space and the height of a ceiling, lights need to enhance the space and set a certain mood. Ceiling lights work well in larger areas where lamps or light stands are inadequate in distributing light effectively. Keep a room well lit from corner to corner with lighting on your ceiling.

Stylelite imports high-quality lights for ceilings from trusted manufacturers across the world. To Stylelite, a ceiling light is more than just a globe; it is a window of interior decorating possibilities. Lighting is just as important as the furniture and drapes, so choose a lighting style that suits your space as well as your personality.

For anyone who enters a home or office, the first thing you notice is the lighting use, how the space is represented and how it makes you feel. The use of warm-tone lights is popular in living areas and bedrooms because it creates a soft, romantic ambiance and it emits a very relaxed feeling. On the other hand, cool-tone lights are the perfect addition to complement a modern home with clean cut, sharp lines; this type of lighting gives off a conversational vibe in a less intimate setting such as a kitchen or an office.

  • LED ceiling lights

    A light emitting diode (LED) bulb can be as tiny as your fingernail or as large as a picture frame. Stylelite imports a variety of LED ceiling lights that will make all the difference to a commercial or residential space. The size and style of your LED lighting is largely dependent on the design of your home and the area you wish to light. Patios or alfresco areas work well with larger ceiling lights as these areas act as go-betweens of an interior and outdoor space. Use the larger lights to not only light up the inside of the space, but also illuminate an outdoor area as well. Smaller LED ceiling lights are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where the ceiling is smaller and the light should be brighter.
  • Ceiling light fittings

    Fittings are the more creative part of homes or office buildings. Stylelite imports a wide selection of light fittings to complement various interior styles. Corporate companies generally opt for sleek lighting in structured shapes such as rectangles or squares whereas a home has options that are more creative. Choose a teardrop chandelier in a formal dining room or round ball consisting of LED bulbs of various sizes in a funkier space such as a games room or passage. Either way, consider the space before you choose a light fitting, it may look good in a catalogue but picture it in conjunction with furniture and other fittings in the space.

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