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Residential and commercial lighting solutions

For all your commercial and residential lighting requirements in Western Australia, look no further than Stylelite, importers of premium quality lighting solutions. Our products are available at trusted lighting retailers and electrical wholesalers throughout the region and are of exceptional quality, at an affordable price.

As importers of beautifully designed lights, your business will benefit from selling lighting solutions for a variety of applications across residential and commercial markets at a fraction of the cost. We have a well-established network of international manufacturers who spend a considerable amount of time designing and producing technologically advanced lighting solutions that bring out the best of a home or company. With decades of importing experience, Stylelite ensures that all products meet current SAA standards and can provide all certification documents if required.

Give your home or business a new look simply by changing the lighting. We import a variety of products for indoor and outdoor use such as:

  • LED down lights both domestic and commercial
  • Exterior lighting
  • Decorative flush ceiling lights
  • Pendants from single to multi drops
  • Sweep fans and exhaust fans
  • Bathroom heaters
  • Table lamps and desk lamp
  • Light globes

The range of lighting we import can be used for a variety of applications across the residential and commercial markets.

  • Residential lighting

Makeover a home with indoor and outdoor lighting solutions from some of the world’s best manufacturers; our lights can set the perfect ambiance you wish to achieve in any part of a home.

Downlights add a modern touch to any kitchen as the lights can be positioned to feature beautiful appliances and bounce off benchtops. Illuminate a long passage with tall-standing lamps or strategically placed spotlights, small touches like this add unique character to a home. A home can also be the star of the street block with bright outdoor lighting. Whether it’s in your garden, lighting your doorway or creating a special outdoor atmosphere in a patio, outdoor lighting adds a wow factor for any home.

  • Commercial lighting

Lighting can make or break a commercial space. Whether it’s a corporate business, a retail store or multiple residential apartments, choosing the perfect light fittings and globes is crucial. We import to Perth in bulk to supply the Western Australian region with enough lighting solutions to fit out your entire commercial space and then some.

A retail store or shopping centre can benefit from stunning lighting; showcase special promotional posters featured goods. The same can also be achieved with showrooms where the main purpose is to highlight certain items or settings. As a business owner, you realise the importance of a well-lit office. Decrease the gloom and increase productivity with cool-tone, flush lighting.

  • LED lighting

The latest in energy saving lighting, LED lights provide a brighter illumination at it will save users money long-term as it uses over 80% less energy than conventional globes. A home or business’s power bill will decrease dramatically simply by installing LED lights in any form from down lighting to lamps and ceiling lights.

Environmentally friendly

We pride ourselves on providing lighting solutions at a cost-effective price that are also safe for the environment. By using energy saving globes, you will decrease your carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Contact Stylelite to place an order for your wholesaler and start selling premium manufactured lighting solutions.

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